Chicago State University Accused of Involvement in Tinubu’s Certificate Forgery, Claims Analyst

Dr. Ayo Olu Ayoola, a political analyst, has expressed concerns and levied allegations concerning Chicago State University (CSU) regarding certificate forgery and the authenticity of President Bola Tinubu’s educational credentials.

Ayoola suggests that CSU may have played a role in altering Tinubu’s academic records.

He stated, “It is evident that Chicago State University is involved in certificate forgery and related issues. Their inability to verify the academic credentials of individuals raises questions.”

Ayoola also questions the identity of the individual who attended CSU and the one currently in Aso Rock.

He emphasizes the need for truth and transparency in addressing these allegations and predicts that CSU’s reputation may be tarnished.

The response of Chicago State University to these allegations and its stance on the matter is awaited.

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