Officials stops trucks carrying food that were on their way to nearby countries

Nigeria has seized 21 vans with food headed for Chad, Central African Republic and Cameroon in view of low supply of staple food. The scarcity which is linked in part to unlawful exporting and has sparked protests in some state across Nigeria.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) exposed the bags of food hidden amongst other luggage in Borno state. “The arrest of the vehicles is hoped will reduce security problem caused by inadequate supply of food because unlawful export of food by unpatriotic citizens from Nigeria.

The Nigerian government plans to begin distributing 42,000 tonnes of grain across the country to quell public anger at spiralling food prices. The food shortage in Nigeria has been blamed on change of government policy to remove subsidy on petroleum products.

The disaster has been made unbearable as naira to dollars got worse in favor of USD. The African Development Bank has provided $134m to Nigeria to enhance food production following its warning in February that the country could face social unrest over a cost-of-living crisis.

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