In the midst of the Israel-Gaza conflict, Israel declares the elimination of 1,500 Hamas militants and activates 300,000 reservists.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Army announced the discovery of the bodies of 1,500 militants in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip, asserting complete control over the border. In anticipation of an extended conflict, Israel has mobilized approximately 300,000 reservists.

The military disclosed that it had located 1,500 bodies of Hamas militants within Israeli territory near the Gaza Strip. Richard Hecht, the Israel Defense Force Spokesperson, stated that no Hamas militants have breached the Israeli border since Monday night. However, the defense force acknowledged the possibility of further infiltrations.

Previously, Israel had reported 900 soldiers and civilians killed, while Palestinian authorities indicated approximately 700 deaths in Gaza and the West Bank. The defense forces stated that they had targeted over 200 sites in the Gaza Strip overnight. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, IDF Spokesperson, remarked, “The IDF conducted numerous strikes in the Hafar Rimal neighborhood, a symbol of the Strip. Subsequently, another wave of attacks targeted hundreds of locations in Khan Yunis, including intelligence infrastructure, operational facilities, and the residences of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, as well as meeting points of terrorists.”

According to Hagari, as cited by the Times of Israel, “In the last day, not a single terrorist entered via the fence.” Hagari further indicated that the military has reestablished control over the Gaza border and is securing areas where the fence was destroyed by Hamas militants. Defense forces continue to believe that a “small number” of terrorists remain concealed within Israeli territory. “The IDF is deploying a barrier composed of tanks, aircraft, and vessels to prevent any entry or exit from the Strip,” Hagari added.

Hagari also noted, “The IDF mobilized 300,000 reservists within 48 hours. Combat equipment is being provided based on priorities.” Additionally, a WhatsApp center has been established for commanders and soldiers to report logistical deficiencies.

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