Israel and US Alleged Plan to Relocate Gaza Residents Towards Egypt: Analyst’s Claims

Israeli occupation authorities and the US are allegedly planning a humanitarian corridor for Gaza residents to flee to Egypt, warned Palestinian specialist in Israeli affairs Saleh Naami.

According to Israeli Public Broadcaster Kan, Naami stated that the US and Israel are interested in creating a “humanitarian corridor for Palestinians in Gaza to escape.” Naami emphasized that this corridor is intended for people, not food, fuel, or water, which Israel has banned.

He claimed that this would provide Israel with a greater opportunity to carry out its “scorched earth” policy without taking responsibility for expelling Palestinians from their land.

Naami stressed that the Egyptian leadership should exercise sovereignty over the Rafah Crossing and permit the entry of food, fuel, and water into Gaza.

A senior Egyptian official has also warned against pushing vulnerable Palestinians toward the Egyptian border, fueling calls for a mass exodus to escape Israel’s heavy military bombardment.

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