Labor Leaders Advise Nigerians: Prepare Food Supplies, Anticipate Complete Strike

Leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) across the states have confirmed that the directive from their national headquarters for an indefinite strike starting on Tuesday will be vigorously enforced.

They have urged Nigerians to stock up on essential items to mitigate the impact of the shutdown.

Ekiti State

Kolapo Olatunde, the NLC chairman in Ekiti State, expressed disappointment in the Federal Government’s handling of the subsidy removal issue. He emphasized that if nothing changes before Tuesday, the strike will be indefinite and total.

Oyo State

The NLC and TUC in Oyo State are determined to shut down all business activities in the state unless there is a contrary directive before the strike begins.

Lagos State

The NLC chairperson in Lagos State, Funmi Sessi, confirmed that workers in the state are prepared for the national strike. A joint press conference with the TUC and civil society groups is planned for Monday.

Ogun State

The NLC in Ogun State has resolved to comply with the national strike directive, with all 52 affiliates informed and mobilized.

Cross River State

The Cross River State chapter of the NLC has announced its participation in the strike, emphasizing the need for meaningful dialogue with the Federal Government.

Kebbi State

Kebbi State’s NLC is prepared to join the national strike to address the dire situation citizens are facing.

Osun State

The NLC in Osun State has finalized preparations to mobilize its members for the strike.

Kano State

Kano State is also ready for the strike, with strict compliance expected.

Bauchi State

The Bauchi State council of NLC is fully prepared to participate effectively in the strike.

Ondo State

The NLC in Ondo State is committed to the indefinite strike unless there is a counter-directive.

Delta State

Labor leaders in Delta State are mobilizing workers for the strike.

Kogi State

Kogi State’s NLC chairman confirmed their readiness to comply with the national strike directive.

Plateau State

The NLC and TUC in Plateau State have sensitized and mobilized their affiliate unions for the strike.

Lagos Police

The Lagos State police have warned against any attempts to disrupt peace during the strike and have assured residents of their safety.

Please note that these statements are subject to change based on any developments or directives from the national bodies of the NLC and TUC.

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