Nollywood’s influence on crime,” “Ritual murders and societal impact,” “Link between desperation and crime

The alarming surge in ritual killings, particularly involving boyfriends and girlfriends, is becoming a pervasive issue in Nigeria. This trend is exacerbated by greed and desperation, as individuals seek quick wealth, especially during the approaching yuletide season. Paul Okah sheds light on this disturbing phenomenon.

Recent Incidents: Recent cases highlight the severity of the issue. In one instance, a 24-year-old student in Port Harcourt was arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend and harvesting her organs for ritual purposes. Another case in Lagos involved a man confessing to killing his girlfriend for rituals, following instructions from a native doctor.

Root Causes: The root causes of these incidents are often linked to greed and the desire to escape poverty. Many perpetrators claim to have been misled into committing these heinous acts due to desperation to impress their partners or to gain social status.

Advice and Insights: Various individuals, including a civil servant, an ICT consultant, and a student, offer insights and advice. Recommendations include encouraging youth to learn skills, fostering a culture of hard work, and promoting financial independence. It is emphasized that relationships should not be based solely on materialism, and individuals are cautioned against associating with those living extravagant lifestyles without legitimate sources of income.

Impact of Nollywood: The role of Nollywood in influencing the mindset of young Nigerians is also discussed. A university lecturer laments the damage done by Nollywood, urging young girls to focus on education and be content with what their parents provide. The need for the older generation to guide the younger generation away from harmful beliefs, especially regarding rituals, is underscored.

Conclusion: The rising trend of ritual killings is a complex issue rooted in societal challenges. Addressing it requires a holistic approach, including education, awareness, and fostering a culture of contentment and hard work. As the yuletide season approaches, the call for vigilance and responsible decision-making becomes even more critical.

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