SON unfolds new initiative to check substandard goods

SAGBy Abdullahi Mohammed

As part of the effort to tackle the issue of substandard goods in  Nigeria, the  Standards Organisation Of Nigeria (SON)  has  launched Operation Flush.   Speaking in Abuja on Monday at a round table  with Civil Society Organizations under the auspices of  Standard Awareness Group ( SAG)  SON  DG, Joseph Odumodu said the recent European Union ban on beans and other agricultural products leaving Nigeria was regrettable stating that, had the exporters of those products taken advantage of the lab, such occurrence would have been avoided.

Odumodu in his opening  remark said  “Operation E – Flush, (is) an initiative that will expand our scope of engagement in our defence of quality and fight against substandard goods and counterfeit products. I am truly honoured by your presence here today bearing in mind that you have other equally important engagements.

This is an initiative I am truly excited about because we have waited patiently for the right time to unleash the scheme and now we are ready because our  e- registration schemes have been on since 2013. Also , our quality helpers such as accredited labs , metrology labs,National Metrology institute and the certification of our officers have been completed and upgraded. Now, Operation E- Flush cannot only begin but be effective”  he added .

The Director  General  also sighted that  ” Operation E – Flush is coming at a time our six point agenda – compliance monitoring through market raids of various industries, consumer engagements, media engagement, capacity building , developing the competitiveness of locally made goods and global relevance- has been collapsed into the MINFOW  (Made In Nigeria For The World ) for easier grasp and focus.

Speaking earlier  at the event,  the National Coordinator  SAG  Mohammed Attah while affirming the relationship between SON and SAG in fighting sub standards goods in Nigeria said  that  ” the SON is an institution towards enhancing  a standard goods in Nigeria.  As you already know SON has a huge task of ensuring that comes to past in Nigeria. At that meeting that was held  in  Sokoto state and several environ held  at national levels  . Standard Awareness Group  (is) on   list serve for   networking   key  stakeholders essentially  to allow everybody  connect  to discuss  issues surrounding standards at every level of the society and that has been on   and we have been working and  I am  also very happy to say that the team working with Director General has  been very wonderful  in ensuring that civil society (organizations)  are part and direct campaigning and  that  is what we want and why we want to continue to identify with them” he stated.

Attah  also said that “Standard Awareness  Group has its new law renewed in 2015 . And it was signed before the previous administration  ended   . We are also part of that move because we did alot  of work (on that ). I am happy to announce to you formally now that  Standards Organization of Nigeria  (SON) is now one of the anti corruption agencies in Nigeria.  Is on that note based on the kind of understanding with Standards Organization of Nigeria  SON ,that we are convening  inviting stakeholders particularly civil society of organization that is  all over the country” he stated.

Attah also  enjoined the media  to become  part of this fight against a substandard  products in Nigeria.

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