The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Declares No Independence Day Celebration in Southeast”

The separatist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has made a firm decision to abstain from any Independence Day celebrations in the South-East region. They argue that the Igbo community has not reaped any benefits from Nigeria and that the South-East’s involvement in Nigeria’s affairs over the past 63 years has not been acknowledged.

In a statement released on Friday by the group’s Director of Media and Publicity, Emma Powerful, IPOB called upon the region’s governors and political leaders to refrain from participating in the exercise. They boldly stated that no “Nigerian flag will be hoisted in the zone” on October 1st.

The statement asserted, “Every sensible Biafran citizen must understand that Nigeria detests Biafrans, particularly Ndigbo. Nigeria has rejected all our efforts to be treated as equal citizens. Nigeria has marginalized Biafrans politically and economically. Since Nigeria has rejected us, we have also rejected Nigeria and her celebrations.”

IPOB has effectively prohibited Independence Day celebrations and the display of Nigerian flags in any part of Biafraland on October 1st, 2023. They highlighted the lack of progress in Nigeria over 63 years of independence, citing issues like electricity, security, and infrastructure.

The group criticized Nigeria’s political leadership for paying mere lip service to protecting lives and property. They labeled Nigeria as a “destiny destroyer” for all its citizens and nations within its borders.

In a resolute tone, the statement warned that anyone celebrating Nigeria’s flag independence within Biafraland would face consequences. IPOB called on all Biafrans to stay at home or carry out their daily activities on October 1st without participating in Nigeria’s Independence Day celebrations.

The statement reiterated IPOB’s commitment to achieving Biafra’s independence through a referendum and diplomatic efforts, emphasizing that nothing would deter them from this pursuit.

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