Why I reconstructed and renovated Anambra schools rather than build new ones- Peter Obi reacts to Omokri’s outburst

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in Nigeria’s 2023 election, Peter , has posited why he couldn’t have built schools as Anambra State governor, when many schools were dilapidated, poorly funded without essential facilities. A former presidential aide and social media influencer, Reno Omokri, had challenged the former Anambra governor’s followers and his fans to provide a unmarried evidence he constructed and commissioned a new school in his eight years as governor. I Did Not Promise to Build New Schools. I Promised To Improve Existing Schools-@PeterObi pic.twitter.com/9uA9ai9V2f — Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) April 24, 2024 Reno promised to give a 10,000 dollars prize money to everybody who produce documented evidence that Obi constructed a new school. Reacting to Reno at a press convention in Abuja on Wednesday, Obi stated that anyone who took time to read his manifesto would clearly see what he promised to accomplish. He stated that Anambra country become ranked twenty sixth within side the country whilst he arrived, with shuttered colleges and a damaged instructional system, announcing that by the time he handed over, Anambra had risen to the top. Obi said, “I improved the quality, physical and mental well-being of the people, schools, had the basic things they needed and the people shone like stars and that was my manifesto. “Building new schools when the old ones are moribund is just like building coastal lines when internal roads are impassable.” He said

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Iran retaliatory attack on Israel could escalate the tension in Middle-East

President Joe Biden presented has stated his cabinet’s position on possible retaliation of Israel by the the government of Israel led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the US will not participate, in any retaliatory military actions against Iran, after a mass drone and missile assault on Israeli territory, in which Israeli officials favour could cause an open war erupting within the middle east if the United States joins, triggering involvements from worldwide powers and Arab nations. “The Middle East is on the brink. The middle east are in danger of a devastating full-scale conflict. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke of reducing the tension in the middle-east in response to air strikes on Israel. Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Robert Wood asked the council to unequivocally condemn Iran’s attack. He said further “Let me be clear: if Iran or its proxies take actions against United States of America or Israel, Iran will be held responsible,” . Still, Biden told Netanyahu the U.S. might not take part in any Israeli counter-offensive towards Iran over the attack, a White House reliable said. U.S. State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin additionally spoke to opposite members consisting of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan, stressing the need for de-escalation, in favour of a coordinated diplomatic response, and emphasizing the U.S. will continue to support Israel’s defense. MINIMAL DAMAGE Iran attacked Israel over a suspected Israeli strike on its embassy compound in Syria on April 1 that killed Revolutionary Guards commanders …

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Visa Services Resumed; UAE Lifts Ban for Nigerians

The United Arab Emirates has lifted the visa restriction on Nigerian travellers. The resumption took effect from March 4, 2024. In October 2022, the UAE implemented a ban on citizens from approximately 20 African nations from entering its borders. Among the affected countries are Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Cameroon, Liberia, Burundi, Republic of Guinea, Gambia, Togo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast, Congo, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Comoros, and the Dominican Republic. The Emirati authorities issued a notice to trade partners and travel agents, instructing them to reject all applications. Since the ban, the UAE and Nigeria have been embroiled in a diplomatic dispute concerning flight allocations and travel restrictions. However, in a notice dated February 26, the suspension was said to be an outcome of discussions between President Bola Tinubu and his UAE counterpart, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayad Al Nahyan. Part of the statement read, “The government of Nigeria and the government of the United Arab Emirates are delighted to announce a pivotal development in our diplomatic relations: the resumption of visa services for Nigerian citizens wishing to visit the UAE, commencing on 4th March 2024. “This agreement is the culmination of extensive dialogues between the two nations, highlighting a shared vision for enhanced cooperation and mutual growth. “To facilitate a smooth visa application journey for Nigerians, the UAE has introduced an innovative document verification process.” On his part, the UAE Ambassador to Nigeria, Saleem Saeed Al-Shamsi, said, “Nigerian applicants for UAE visas are …

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Tinubu Unlocking Efficiency in Govt: 37 Key Recommendations from the Oronsaye Report to Revolutionize Nigeria’s Government Agencies

President Bola Tinubu has ordered the full implementation of the Oronsaye report.⁣The Oronsaye Report, officially known as the Presidential Committee on the Rationalization and Restructuring of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions, and Agencies, was a document produced in 2012 by a committee led by Stephen Oronsaye in Nigeria. The report aimed at streamlining and rationalizing government agencies to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. While the report itself has undergone various levels of implementation and scrutiny, here are 21 points based on the recommendations. Consequently, it announced the merging, subsuming, scraping and relocation of several agencies of government. ⁣ Download PDF Full Oronsanye Report⁣The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, revealed this to State House Correspondents after Monday’s Federal Executive Council meeting at the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja. ⁣ Here’s a summarized list of 37 points based on the Oronsaye Report recommendations for reforming and rationalizing government agencies in Nigeria: ⁣ Download PDF Full Oronsanye Report Merge and Consolidate Agencies: Reduce Workforce: Public Service Reform: Use of Technology: Performance Evaluation: Financial Management Reforms: Cost Reduction Measures: Training and Capacity Building: Privatization of Non-Strategic Agencies: Strengthen Oversight: Legal and Regulatory Reforms: Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Asset Rationalization: Consolidate IT Services: Standardization of Processes: Monitoring and Evaluation: Strategic Planning: Enhance Revenue Generation: Effective Communication: Review and Update Policies: Public Awareness Campaigns:

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ECOWAS Halt Sanctions on Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali for Humanitarian Reasons – See 10 Take Away!

President Bola Tinubu on Saturday, called for the suspension of economic sanctions imposed on Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea by ECOWAS. Speaking at the Extra-ordinary Summit of ECOWAS in Abuja, President Tinubu, who is the Chairman of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the organization. Here are 10 points to note:

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Of Fraud: Investigating the Aftermath of Nigeria’s 2023 Election – A Critical Analysis of INEC’s Irev

“I think generally Nigerians believe that this election was going to be an election with integrity.” Nigeria transitioned to democracy in 1999, despite the persistence of insecurity, extreme poverty, and endemic corruption. Nevertheless, the country has conducted six national elections that have frequently been tainted by instances of fraud, technical complications, violence, and legal disputes. On 25 February 2023, Nigerians again exercised their democratic rights by participating in the presidential elections, even as allegations of irregularities and fraudulent practices loomed over the process. The 2023 general elections were highly anticipated as a crucial milestone for the nation’s democratic process. However, despite initial hopes for transparency and fairness, the elections were marred by widespread allegations of corruption, including voter suppression, vote buying, manipulation of electoral rolls, compromised officials, and the lack of accountability. The electoral process was tarnished by technical glitches and allegations of flaws, promising legal battles in court. Over the past 24 years, Nigeria’s constitutional democracy faced significant setbacks due to a distinctively flawed electoral process, reports Foreign Policy. This process, contrary to the principles of civil democratic governance, deprives the people of their freedom to elect political leaders without any hindrance. FIRSThe Conversation Africa hosted a webinar that brought together policymakers, academics, and civil society groups to deliberate on Nigeria’s achievements and challenges. The focal point of the discussion was corruption. “There were initially 93 million Nigerians on the voters’ list. However, when the voting took place, only a little over 25 million, actually cast their votes. This …

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Hunger in the land: Lagosians hijack truck load of yams [VIDEO]

Hungry Lagosians hijack truck carrying yams to be sold in a market, and begin to share for themselves. This one “renewed hunger” as shared by a Twitter user Bigwig Austin. He made this statement with an accompanying video that showed people in the street struggling to empty a truck load of yams in Lagos street, at the time witting the owners of the truck has not been contacted neither was the driver available to speak on the incidence.

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Video: Peter Obi stands in solidarity with Nurses, charge FG to step down new NMCN verification

His Excellency, Peter Obi stands in solidarity with the protesting Nurses in Nigeria as Federal Government Slams them with Stringent New rules. Obi who has been going round the country donating Millions to Nursing Schools argued that it’s inhuman to restrict the nurses from getting global employment. Rather, he urged the Federal Government to reverse the policy and invest massively in the health sector. On Monday Nurses under the aegis of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, Abuja chapter, have commenced a protest against the new verification certification guidelines released by the Nigeria and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN). The protest was carried out at the NMCN’s office in Abuja on Monday. The nurses and midwives were singing and displaying placards around the premises. The inscriptions on the placards read, “Address unemployment among nurses, address quakery, address nurses welfare, and “#No to verification rules. “Stop frustrating the Nigerian nurses; we are going through a lot already. Protect nurses, protect healthcare, NMCN; we say no to the verification rules, NMCN; don’t reduce nurses.” Recall that the NMCN issued a circular on February 7, 2024, revising the guidelines for requesting verification of certificates for nurses and midwives. The council’s circular was released after a report of the deactivation of the verification portal on NMCN’s website since December 2023. The circular signed by the Registrar of the Council, Dr. Faruk Abubakar, read in part, “A non-refundable fee per application shall be paid for verification by foreign boards of nursing as specified …

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Yobe Mourns, Ex-Gov Bukar Ibrahim Dies in S’Arabia at 73

Former governor of Yobe State, Bukar Abba Ibrahim, has passed on at 73 years of age.He died in Saudi Arabia, yesterday, while battling a protracted illness, a source claimed. Ibrahim was Yobe governor from May 1999 to May 2007.He had also governed the state from January 1992 to November 1993. On August 5, 1993, he split the state’s four emirates into 13. However, the military regime of Gen Sani Abacha reversed the change.However, on January 6, 2000, he re-implemented the new emirates, adding Ngazargamu, Gujba, Nguru, Tikau, Pataskum, Yusufari, Gudi, Fune and Jajere. He was elected to the Senate for Yobe East in 2007. He won re-election on April 9, 2011, in the Senatorial contest for Yobe East on the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) platform. Also, confirming his death, another source close to the family posted on his Facebook page: “Inna lillahiwa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun. Sen. Bukar Abba Ibrahim has passed away just now in Makkah. May Allah grant him peaceful repose and Jannatul Firdaus as his final abode, Amin Thumma Amin.” Governor Mai Buni has expressed shock and regret at the death of the former statesman. Announcing the death of the former governor, Buni, through his Director-General, Press and Media Affairs, Mamman Mohammed, said Ibrahim died while receiving treatment for a protracted illness in Saudi Arabia and would be buried there. Buni further directed all other aspects of the funeral and condolences to be taken over by the state government to accord the late governor a state burial. …

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Shell & Partners’ Bold Move; Dangote Gas Supply Decision

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) and its joint venture partners – Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Limited, and Nigerian Agip Oil Company – have taken the final investment decision (FID) to build a dedicated upstream facility to supply 100 million standard cubic feet of gas per day to Dangote Fertiliser and Petrochemical Plant in Lekki, Lagos State. The deal is for an initial period of ten years according to Energy Times. Managing Director of SPDC, operator of the joint venture, Osagie Okunbor, disclosed this at the weekend in Port Harcourt describing the FID as a significant step in supporting the Nigerian government’s ‘Decade of Gas’ ambition. “This investment decision is a critical step in pursuing the development of the gas-rich Iseni field, which is part of the Okpokunou Cluster in Oil Mining Lease 35 located in Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa State,” Okunbor said, adding that SPDC and its joint venture partners remained committed to Nigeria’s ‘Decade of Gas’ ambition and, particularly, the domestic gas agenda. According to Okunbor, increasing the delivery of natural gas to the domestic market is key to accelerated industrialization and economic development of Nigeria. The FID signals a positive step towards the construction of the required infrastructure for the project that is expected to create jobs through direct and indirect employment. NCAA warns airlines: No more flight delays or disruptionsThe Cardoso naira vs dollar chess game: A fight to the finishTCN says grid fully restored, blames blackout …

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