Ezinachi Clay and Burnt brick industry

In 1981 under the regime of Chief Samuel O. Mbakwe, the then governor of Imo state, established a Clay and Burnt brick industry in Ezinachi near a popular and well patronized market called Daily market. This market is a centre of commerce in the ward. Every market day traders from all the communities in Ezinachi as others coming from far and wide come to the market either to buy or to sell.

The brick industry remained functional until sometime ago it was abandoned and remains dilapidated. In recent times the government of Rochas Okorocha of the APC has developed a renewed interest in the capasity of he industry in Ezinachi to provide more jobs to the people of Imo state. They are looking into expanding the capacity of the clay product.

It is hoped that this would bring sucker to the people of Imo state.

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